Episode 21:Best of 2020

Best of 2020

We talk about games, movies, drinks, books, socks and rpgs! A very special thank you to your special guests, Mark Johnson of Wargames To Go, Joel from Turn Order Gaming, Jason from Advance After Combat, Michael Gower, Adam Chance from Chance of Gaming podcast, and Gary from Ardwulf’s Lair (clip lost but I heard it and it was good, take my word for it). 

No time stamps this episode. Just hours of rambling about the things we love!

Best of 2020 Wargames

Ancients to Pre American Revolution

Am Rev to Pre-WWII


Best Post WW2 Era

Sci-Fi Fantasy


Best of 2020 Other Games

Every Wargame Ever Adjustments

Best of 2020 Reading

Best of 2020 Drinking

Best of 2020 RPGs

 Best of Everything Else 

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